Industrial And Intellectual Freedom And Property

F. H. Becker

I am attorney at law since 1984. I studied Mathematics with subsidiary subjects physics, philosophy and economics, before I studied Law. Within my studies I worked permanently as scientific assistant at the computing center of the University of Konstanz. I also absolved internships at a development division of one of the leading motor vehicle manufacturers of Germany. There I worked for solutions and modules in the field which later was called CAD (computer aided design). I also made a software for simulating the best blowing time for airbags, based on sensor data which were recorded at crash tests. So it was possible, to have a lot virtual tests without making more real crash tests.

After I passed my mathematical pre-degree I changed to the studies of law. There I worked from the beginning at the border area between law and technics, also sciences. Especially in the fields of computer law and data protection (privacy).

All over my works as a lawyer I stood combined to technics and sciences. So for example I worked for one of the leading law publishers in Germany to establish an editorial office for electronic publishing.

My motto at all times: I build bridges between law, market, and technics.

Actual I created a series of books "Tools for Law and Technics".